OA for Men

Overeaters Anonymous Men's Group

 OAMen.org is dedicated to distributing information about men's OA meetings, initially in the Boston area, and beyond. 

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“I couldn’t run as fast as I could eat”- Charles

My therapist suggested Overeaters Anonymous during an appointment. I responded with a rough equivalent of “thank you for sharing.” I figured I was okay now that I had lost a lot of weight, but really it was just the low end of a yo-yo loss and gain


“I’m not thinking about food all the time.” – Bob


OA Men and Other Minorities

When I started in OA years ago, I was usually the only man at meetings. That’s still true today. I’m not sure why, because many men share our disease.


To the Man Who Wants to Stop Compulsive Overeating, Welcome.



OA’s Responsibility Pledge states: “Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this I am responsible.”

Help spread the word about OAmen.org, so every man in OA knows about their options for sharing in a way they are most comfortable.